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Created 12-Aug-09
Modified 13-Aug-09
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A selection of photos (scanned from negatives) from my trip to Israel in December 1994.
The Western Wall, JerusalemBar Mitzvah at the Western Wall, JerusalemDome of the Rock, JerusalemOld City of Jerusalem from Dominus FlevitGalilee from Belvoir CastleThe Sea of GalileeChurch of the Holy Sepulchre, JerusalemGolgathaBethlehem, in the GrottoFifth Century Mosaic at Tagbah in GalileeIn the Old City of JerusalemOld City Passage, JerusalemShrine of the Book, JerusalemCave 4, QumranCave 4, QumranThe Israelite Temple at Arad, IsraelHoly of Holies in the Temple at AradThe Caiaphas OssuaryThe Caiaphas Ossuary